The Domino Core



Felix is the heart and soul of Domino. He started it in 2013 and is now mainly working as the product manager.


Senior Principal

You’ll get to know Ann a lot more in our videos as she teaches the course together with Felix. At the moment she’s busy working hard on our new upcoming HSK courses.


Project Manager

Chris has been involved since we decided to expand with the online course. He’s responsible for all the important things that occur behind the camera.



Ifor is another brilliant developer that we’ve been very fortunate to partner with. He is clashing developer minds with Charlie and together they have built the current website (v3.0) and our own beautiful app.



Charlie is our beloved developer. He has built the entire website and all the new features are thanks to him.


Software Engineer

Dan is our Domino journalist. In his blog you'll find everything you need about China and its language.


Chinese teacher

Only hard-working students will get to know Juju. After level 10 the course will be taught entirely in Chinese and at that point Juju will step in alongside Felix.


Software Engineer

Alen is the driving force of Domino Classrom.

What are we doing?

Our team decided to expand with online teaching after structuring and improving lessons for people over time and now the course has improved significantly. We’ve created more comprehensive courses with an elaborate focus to give you a foundation that will keep your level high AND get you speaking and writing Chinese asap. We’ve already had a lot of students all over the world go through all of the 100 plus hours of content where they’ve become comfortable at writing, reading and speaking Chinese.

How do we do it?

We aim to present awesome Chinese education to anyone who wants to learn a new language. Students can maximize their language learning ability by applying the building block method and connecting them to daily situations.

Our lessons are adapted to be short so you only spend a little moment of every day to slowly build up to fluent Chinese. Domino Chinese is adapted to fit into anyone’s schedule. We have succeeded in providing the most time-efficient and informative language courses while being open in how we provide the valuable language learning.

We firmly believe in the importance of being able to relate your language learning to every day situations. We have incorporated real-life interactions with local Chinese in China to expose you to the natural reactions of the locals. In addition, we make language learning fun by incorporating memorable segments.

With over 2000 videos and 400 text files, we promise that you’ll be learning and laughing. We like to call it “edutainment”.

Why are we doing this?

Language learning is fun! Other than the traditional ways of learning new languages as we grew up, we have created an alternative way of learning Chinese by using logical building-block methods and connecting them. This alternative learning style is more effective for adults rather than regurgitation and repetition. As language learners ourselves, we want to understand the patterns of the language and the reasoning behind its use. This is where we consider our learning method the alternative way of learning Chinese. We have built a great team of people who like working together to revolutionize the learning system to give knowledge to more people around the globe. Learning should be fun and not remind you of school.

We give the overall picture in teaching Chinese. Unlike having smaller courses that touch on the subject and having less notion of the overall picture, we have one long course that you follow from the starting point until the finish line, and we’ll guide our students along the way.

Welcome aboard!

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