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Hack Chinese - The fastest way to learn Chinese words​

✦ Synchronized with Domino Chinese
✦ Track Everything with your Progress Dashboard
✦ Most users study 10-40 minutes each day and learn 2,000 to 7,000 words each year

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Skritter - Practice Flashcards

✦Skritter combines the power of active recall and spaced repetition with unique features for learning to read and write Chinese characters (tone cards!)
✦ You get immediate stroke-level feedback and review harder characters more often.
✦ Quickly look up character components, and contained characters, and create custom mnemonics to boost memory.

✦Customizable test activities for decks and deck sections for unlimited repetition options

✦The average user learns a new character in less than a minute, and has a ~90% retention rate for all study items over time

Subscriptions come with a 7-day free trial with a 30-day moneyback guarantee (you can save 15% off any purchase using code: DOMINOCHINESE

Other flashcards

We strongly recommend you use our video-synced flashcards, however if you insist, we’ve also created flashcard sets across all popular platforms to help you learn/review all Domino content. Below you’ll find out how to use each program, however, since the following resources are free of charge we don’t guarantee that it’s always up-to-date.

Quizlet - A Flashcard App

✦ A flashcard app used in a lot of classrooms across the globe. It’s easy to set up but it doesn’t have that many features.

✦ Watch this youtube video explainer: Watch tutorial
✦ Join the study group on quizlet - JOIN.

Anki - An Advanced Flashcard App

✦ First of all, Anki is a great option when it comes to studying/reviewing. It's a really powerful tool. It takes a bit of time to set it up though and I wouldn’t recommend it if you haven’t used it before.

✦ Watch the explainer video here and make sure you download the "Anki shortcuts".pdf
✦ It takes time and is quite complicated to get started with so one of our wonderful students, Jessica, has made a document for you "Anki for Beginners" that we suggest you take a look at also!


✦ Check out Jessica's document, if you have any questions. View doc.

Pleco - A Dictionary App

✦ Pleco is one of the best Chinese dictionaries so you'll be able to learn about things more in depth there.

✦ Pleco decks can be downloaded from each lesson overview, or on the course overview pages.


For more information watch the following video. Watch video.

Memrise - A mnemonics platform with flashcards

✦ Memrise is a platform that gives you with mnemonics, associations to help remember what you're learning. Memrise is a platform that works with gamification.

✦ Watch the following video to set up Memrise: Watch video. 

Purple Culture - A Dictionary and Flashcard Apppp

✦ Purple Culture have created all Domino's worksheets to practice writing characters. On their website you can now also study/review DominoChinese.

✦Click this link to download the vocab lists. Download list. 

Again, we strongly recommend you use our own video-synced flashcards. View Auto-Synced Flashcards. 

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