Hello! I'm Felix  a Chinese teacher a videographer a public speaker an entrepreneur

I'm an entrepreneur and the founder of Domino Education, a language learning platform with 100,000+ students. I create video content for my own company and others, and I run events and give lectures about entrepreneurship and China.

DominoSwedish follows a domino student, Shien, with no previous experience as she learns to speak Swedish in less than 1 month. Follow Shien's progress as you'll see your own Swedish improve along with hers.


We've dedicated our life to creating the best platform to learn Chinese. Made by learners, supported by science, we understand how you learn best.


DominoEnglish is our latest addition to the different domino language courses. This course is tailored for Chinese natives learning Chinese, the course is completely in Chinese.

Take learning to the next level

Get a tutor

To supplement our online material, we offer live classes to groups as well as exclusive tutoring as a premium deal.

Video creation

Video creation

I’ve created over 300 hours of video courses as well as countless hours of promotion/marketing material for my own and other companies.

Promotional videos

One of the many DominoEdu promotional videos.

How to Study

Explainer “Why is Chinese hard?” video for Chinese learners.

App Presentations

Promoting the Domino Chinese app

Briefly Everything

An ambitious history project covering all of history with animated explainers.

Social experiments

We’ve interviewed thousands of people discussing a multitude of topics.

Chinese Vlogs

Videos about Sweden and languages for the Chinese audience.

Public Speaking

Need help with an event?

I give lectures to different schools around Stockholm about entrepreneurship. I offer one-off lectures or package deals with combined lessons.

I’ve worked on many events, whether it be hosting, translating or recording – I’ve done it all.

Let's get in touch!

Shoot me an email: Felix@dominochinese.com

Remember to mention your agenda in the title.

Welcome aboard!

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