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Meet the creator

In 2012, Felix moved to China to learn Chinese. None of the teaching methods suited him, so he decided to teach himself instead after repeated attempts.

Felix figured it out and became a Chinese celebrity, appearing on major television shows, hosting tv series, and working as a translator for major corporations.

If Felix can master Chinese after giving up time and time again, you can too. Learn Chinese with us and discover the wonders of opportunity mastering a language can bring!

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Included Features FREESurvivalBasic
Included Features
Lesson 1
Blog, Forum, Comments
Lets you use our forum, ask questions and learn about anything, as well as view and comment on our awesome blog
Our dictionary works in Chinese, English and Pinyin, and it shows sample sentences.
Basic Content
“Basic Content” refers to our two main courses covering level 1-20 (150 hours of material) – “Fluency” and “Advanced Path”
When you learn a new word it syncs with our flashcards so you can review it instantly.
Premium Content
Lets you use our course book, a perfect tool for to practice what you’ve learned
1000+ dialogs
We’ve created 1000 dialogs of different levels and topics. We’ll also recommend a dialog once you’ve learned all the words for it.
Offline videos
Lets you download all the lesson and use our app in offline mode. It also saves the quizzes and syncs when you’re back online (only available on mobile app).
Every course comes with a certificate of completion, signed by Felix himself.
Word lists
If you’re looking to pass the HSK (Standard language) test, this feature will display all the words you’ll need and also mark the ones you have left to learn so you can shortcut your way to passing any test!
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What makes DominoChinese so special is the fact that Felix himself was a learner through the development of this course he's tried to make sure that we avoid the struggles that he went through.

Malie Brown

Before DominoChinese I used to think Chinese is too difficult and I didn't bother trying. After completing the first few levels I realized the "devil" isn't all that big and scary. The Domino method made Chinese so easy to learn and memorize; many clips are filmed in China, which makes the learning experience much more interesting and immersive than regular Chinese classes some of you may have taken. I highly recommend DominoChinese -- worth every penny!

Ran Boskis

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