Upcoming Features

2021 January

Improved dictionary: Dictionary with sample sentences. Click any word and go to the dictionary entry, see all related words/characters and even go to the video and learn the word.


Entrance/Placement Test Already studied Chinese? Take our entrance test and we’ll match you up with the exact level you should be at.


A Tailor-made Study Schedule We’ll tailor a schedule based on your time and goals. It’s never been easier to learn, no more excuses just follow our advice and we’ll take you to fluency!


*1000 New Dialogs**, written by Chinese people to be authentic and up-to-date. They range from easy-hard and cover any topic you’ll ever need in Chinese. Once you’ll know all the words from one of the dialogs we’ll recommend that one to you. Super exciting!


Domino Classroom – Pilot We’re rolling out live syncronous learning, join an exclusive study group and learn Chinese with Felix, guaranteed results! More information soon.

Proverb Course We’re launching our brand new proverb course. Chinese is centered around them and we’ll teach you the 100 best, most useful ones here.

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