Peppa the Pig in China

Peppa the Pig in China

Peppa the Pig – Lovably Swine, Gangster Thug or Hollywood Superstar? Award winning cartoon ‘Peppa the Pig’ is one of the most popular children’s television programmes in the world, with fans in 180 territories and the show available in more than 20 different languages . However, despite Peppa the Pig’s global appeal, this loveable swine’s relationship with China has been a complicated affair littered with ups and downs. […]

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Appreciating Chinese Slang

Appreciating Chinese Slang

Some people begin learning a new language as an intellectual challenge, but most of us have more pragmatic reasons – to be able to converse and communicate in a new language. One thing which makes learning a new language fascinating and challenging, is that native speakers love to enriching their language with slang, metaphors and idioms. Slang is often vague, difficult to understand and often downright […]

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